Quoi de Neuf dans la version 1.0 ?

The following outlines the highlights of this debut version of Joomla!  All comments are made in reference to Mambo with regard to changes and improvements made.

Bug Fixes

Several crucial fixes have been applied to this version:

Check the CHANGELOG.php file for more information.


 Security Fixes

 Several important vulnerabilities have been patched in this version:


Joomla! Site (Front End)


 Joomla! Administrator (Back End)



 The Solar Flare 2 template has been freshened with the new name.  Andy Miller joined forces with Robert Deutz to deliver a stunning new Adminstrator Template for Joomla!

Toolbar icons in the Administrator toolbar are now shown in full colour rather than greyed out (which would normally indicate they were unavailable). 


Miscellaneous Bits


Support for MySQL 4.1.x

 Joomla! will support installation and use with PHP 5 and MySQL 4.1.  An alternative database file is provided in the /includes directory.  SImply copy database.mysqli.php over the existing databased.php file.  Following this you can use the web installer normally to install Joomla!.

Library Upgrades

 The following developer libraries have been upgraded:


Useability and Accessibility

A huge thrust is being made to make Joomla! compliant with web standards for useability and accessibility.  While much more will be done in future versions, the following first steps have been taken to achieve this goal:


Developer Extras

A number of new things are available for developers.  These include:



We have made every effort to make this version backwardly compatible with Mambo but there are a few changes that may affect a small selection of existing addons.  If you are a developer of Mambo addons (and soon to be Joomla! developer) then your attention should be drawn to the following points: